Elucidating trends for the edge of innovations.

The growing emphasis on industrial innovation with the hubs for Research & Development is essential element to core business. In order to inculcate a culture of global technologies within client’s facility for the feasible commercialisation driving a successful ventures.

Our ‘pushed through development’ process is fully focuses the technology with its lags to realize the surety on industrial developments whereas our ‘pulled through development’ process strives to meet feasible technology for utmost reliability in newer horizons. At Acume each and every stages of research and development is crucially assessed for their outcomes subjected to ascertained realisation.

Our researchers work closely with client’s owned R&D facility enabling us an intensive exchange of know-hows and sharing of knowledge. We analyse all scientific and technical publications with the aspects of target costing, design for manufacturing, design for testing, and design for traceability are applied to our scope every day.