Project Description


Power Control Center, as the name itself indicators, is the central control unit of power distribution of any industrial or commercial structure. PCC is a fully compartmentalized. Fixed or drawn-out type panels. It is comprised of all necessary protection for DG sets & transformers. PCC is a very high current and low Voltage. These are available with a variety of switching such as ACB/MCCB/SFUs’.


  • Its gives protection to transformer & DG sets.
  • Easy to manage and control the entre complete power distribution of network.
  • Fully compartmentalized type.
  • Aesthetic looks with complete SLD Mimic on panel to identify the components & Power flow circuit.
  • Door handles on panel doors with fancy looks open /close identification for easy opening of doors.
  • In place of louvers, we are providing filter grills, with cooling fan in bus bar chamber to restrict entry of dust or chemical fumes to avoid heating generation.