Project Description


“Intelligent Motor Control Center is an integrated system that provides equivalent or greater functionality than a standard MCC”. It is next generation and future MCC panel. It has real time and historical knowledge of conditions up to 30 factors that affect motors and their control. It also has ability to provide remote or automatic control of motors and the complete process of plant. These factors in turn affect plant reliability and system efficiency. IMCC represent the flexible and modular management-system for motors in the low Voltage range which can be easily and directly connected to superior automation system. It covers all functional requirements, including safety –related disconnection of the motor feeder and automation system.


Covers all functional requirements & protect motor up to maximum level.
Reduce operational Costs of excess wiring & field wiring.
Represents the flexible & modular management system.
Affect plant reliability & system efficiency.
It’s also save time as we can collect all information of all plant motor single location, no need of visit physically on the panel at different locations.