Light Industrial Panel PC (Automation Panel Solutions)

Today, more and more customers are looking for advanced services – e.g. round-the-clock servicing, just-in-time delivery, etc. Service automation enables the exchange of information and communication between administers and clients through thin, low power consumption with portable designs fit with many circumstance. Upgrade your service platform with iEi service automation solutions, which have advanced communication functions and solid mechanical characteristic. These solutions help you keep up with your customers, while staying a step ahead of the competition

IEI designed a completely new modular architecture for its new AFOLUX GEN II panel PCs. A variety of expansion module boards connecting through a common interface give it functional versatility. The AFOLUX GEN II services diverse applications and is especially suited to self-service and interactive environments.


Heavy Industrial Panel PC (Automation Panel Solutions)

IEI’s rugged industrial panel PCs (PPC) have new flat bezel IP64 or reliable IP 65 aluminum front panels which are suitable for the demands of harsh industrial environments. Powerful Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo, Pentium®/Celeron® processor, and Atom™ low power D525 dual-core processor are integrated onto a wide range of feature-rich IEI embedded mother boards that drive the IEI industrial PPCs. Multi I/O and expansion capabilities enables you to interface your system with many external devices.


Workstation Panel PC (Automation Panel Solutions)

IEI industrial workstation is a PC-based controller providing an open architecture for diverse industrial applications. With great flexibility, you can integrate micro-ATX or passive backplane with slot SBC quickly and easily.


Embedded Computing Solutions

As the leading hardware provider in Embedded SBC, IEI continues to extend the product footprint from component level to system integration service. Our strong knowledge of market and technology innovation offers reliability, flexibility and interoperability for all of our embedded products with choices of size, performance and features.


Industrial Computing Solutions

IEI Single Board Computer (SBC) solution provides most flexible and cost-effective solution for industrial computing platform demand. IEI SBC products is applying computing platform from ultimate high-performance solution like Intel Pentium 4 to cost-effective one like VIA EDEN. Its onboard chipsets integrated fully Input / Output devices compatibility and flexibility for your working environments.